The cold morning causes a lazy start for Molly & Ethan, and they begin the trail with spikes on in the snow. It is soon hot though, as they climb past waterfalls on a well graded path which is in contrast to what they’ve been used to. During a couple of big climbs with interesting geological features Ethan talks about ‘hiker hunger’, and how his body is craving fats and sugars, and how despite trying to eat fruit and vegetables he is drawn to burgers and burritos. A fragrant walk through woodlands sees is evidence of the change in sections of the PCT, and Ethan is looking forward to further changes as they move into Northern California, though he prefers to be able to see the trail in the distance to feel that he is making progress; in the forest he can see only 20m ahead! Music drifts on the wind through the woods, and they come across Crazy Legs, out hiking for the weekend. What a nice, interesting guy; when he did the PCT in 2015 he entered the Sierra on June 1st with no snow and no need for micro-spikes; what a difference this year! Hiking together with him they eventually all camp together, finding common interests in Lord of the Rings, Biology, work values, and much else. Join them as they chat found the campfire and find out what it like to be a thru-hiker and how it changes what you value in life. Episode 81 of Trail & Errors. 🙂