Whilst there are differing definitions of where the High Sierra end, for Molly & Ethan today is the day where they really feel that the landscape is different and that they are entering a new section. Starting with a 1,000ft climb, they enter the Carson-Iceberg Wilderness; and when they get open views ahead it is a real morale boost; to be able to see the trail in front of them makes them recognise the progress they make as move ahead. When the trail is hidden they don’t feel like they’re moving forward. The trail switches between the snowy side of the valley with some hard icy glissades and the snow-free side. The snowy portions are, as always, tough to navigate through the trees as false footprints quickly lead them off the trail. Heading for Emmet’s Pass they consider how far it is to Mt Shasta (actually in California), the next massive peak they will see. The trail is better today, and the snow is visibly disappearing. Emotions on the trail are mixed; there is a suggestion that the danger of the river crossings and mountain passes provided some excitement, and one now needs to look for a different beauty in the trail, which can be self-similar. But the change in landscape is good, and they marvel at the amazing views ahead; Molly notices towns and fields and roads in the distance, and realises that largely the views they’ve been used to have a distinct lack of human impact. Feeling that their experience through the Sierras has made them strong, they find a ‘dope’ camping spot and bed down beneath the stars after their first 20+ mile day for some time. Episode 82 of Trail & Errors.