Day 117 and the team wake beneath another cloudless sky after a really good nights sleep. Well rested and feeling energised they head out through the woods with occasional glimpses of Mt Shasta looming overhead. The views intensify as they move out of the trees onto exposed ridge lines, where the landscape is laid out beneath them like a map, with views out to the horizon where they can see all the way back to Mt Lassen and marvel at how far they’ve walked. Bees are buzzing aplenty amongst the flowering shrubs, and after lunch and a nap the miles come easy despite the heat. After a solid 24 miles hiked they stop early and camp in a bucolic setting next a stream, where they wash their tired feet and are astounded at how dirty they’ve become. A satisfying day on trail, they’re in bed at 7.45pm thinking of their next town stop in Dunsmuir the day after tomorrow. Episode 101 of Trail & Errors 🙂