Replenished after a decent zero the day before, the family were good to go back into the mountains. We waited till mid afternoon before making a move and Molly and I were the first to hitch out. We got back to Onion Valley via two hitches, one to Independence and the other to OV. We arrived around 4pm and immediately began the steep ascent up Kearsarge. The snow was actually quite solid as the sun dipped behind the pass, but it was insane to see just how much melt had occurred over just a few days. Huge areas previously covered in deep snow were now exposed and lakes and waterfalls were flowing everywhere.

The climb was tiring but beautiful in the evening light and we summited, for a second time, to a gorgeous sun setting over Bull Frog Lake. We didn’t take the Bull Frog Trail this time, instead we traversed along the mountain side via Kearsarge Trail. Technically this cuts out a mile of the PCT from where we left but puts us at a slightly higher point closer to Glen Pass for the next day. Also we didn’t feel guilty given the 16 mile extra detour just to get to town. Molly and I followed ski lines and dipped beneath previous avalanches before finding a spot 1 mile off the PCT as it got dark. We camped down wondering how far Funk, Cricket and SOBO had made it, and cursing how little water we had forgetting that high elevation means low water sources.