Covering a Zero day (72) and a Nearo day (73) from town back over Kearsarge Pass (11,200ft), episode 61 begins in Bishop, where the team prepare for a possible 12 day section in the wilderness. Ethan gives us the low-down on the chores involved in resupplying, and talks about some of the forthcoming challenges in the high sierra, such as frostbite. Not knowing whether to hope that the hot temperatures mean less snow but higher river crossings, or that the high altitude will mean slower travel but safer streams, they spend their last night in the cool town of Bishop. The next day (73) begins with a game of Ping Pong, before Molly & Ethan hitch 42 miles south to Independence, then another hitch 21 miles up to the Onion Valley car park, where they begin the climb back up Kearsarge Pass at 4pm. The snow is soft and noticeably less evident on the trail going up, and they reach the pass without too much difficulty and enjoy the evening light and the stars coming out. Water is short, and the presence of avalanches is evident as they descend back towards the end of the 7.6 mile return trail to the PCT, and they eventually camp just shy of the trail itself. Tired and worn out they reflect on a good days work and look forward to Glen Pass tomorrow, the first of several high passes they’ll encounter of the next few days. Episode 61 of Trail & Errors.