Molly lives up to the genesis of her trail name, waking up with a blistered and burnt scalp yet again. Plenty of condensation from the nearby rivers make it a wet start, and it is cold in the shaded forests despite the occasional random open meadow. Meeting couple of southbound hikers they hear benevolent reports about the first of the major crossings today; McCabe Creek, which turns out to be straightforward despite last week’s reports about it being problematic. Return Creek follows shortly after, and then Spiller Creek. Each is less sketchy than anticipated, leading Molly & Ethan to surmise that last week all the crossings throughout the Sierra were bad due to the hot weather (as they’d experienced at Bear Creek), and this week’s colder temperatures had returned the snow to normal (rather than accelerated) melting rates. There’s still snow covering the trail, making the ascents slow and the descents terrifying, but the absence of anyone else on the trail is welcome and EthaMol enjoy the solitude. Losing the trail in the snow they reach Matterhorn Creek away from the PCT crossing point, but this turns out to be in their favour as they find a good place to get to the other side. They make the long climb up to Benson Pass through suncups in the sun, and are rewarded with better views than they’d heard, before descending to camp after a longer than anticipated 18 mile day. Episode 76 of Trail & Errors.