Pacific Crest Trail

In 2019 Molly Meadows and Ethan Wrigglesworth hiked 2653 miles from Mexico to Canada.

Following a very rainy final week, Molly & Ethan completed their trek on 15th September 2019, 173 days after they started near Campo at the border with Mexico. They had a swift pickup from Manning Park in Canada an hour after they finished, and after a night in Vancouver they flew home on Monday 16th.

They’d begun their odyssey on the 21st March when they flew out to San Francisco, where they spent a few days organising their equipment at REI Saratoga whilst staying in Santa Cruz, before driving down Big Sur through LA to San Diego. They were hosted for a couple of nights with the famous Trail Angels ‘Scout’ & ‘Frodo’, before being driven to the start of the trail early in the morning on the 27th of March.

After a record snowfall during the winter many hikers skipped or flipped past the snowy Sierra Nevada mountains part way through California. The final winter storms didn’t blow through until the beginning of June, and the mountain passes and river crossings proved to be a massive challenge. Only a relative few hardy souls pushed straight through, embracing the difficult conditions.

While Molly and Ethan were on the trail this website allowed all the armchair adventurers at home to follow their daily progress. Now it serves as a permanent record of the epic six months from March-September that they spent as hiker-trash with the other thru-hikers in the PCT Class of 2019.

September 2019